Thursday, February 20, 2014

Brisbane weekend and Taupe Grey Painted Cabinet

Phil and I recently flew to Brisbane for a good friend's 40th birthday surprise party. We stayed at other good friends and were in hiding for a couple of days before the party. We had such a lovely time (the kids stayed in Sydney with their aunties) and it was fabulous to catch up with our Brisbane friends. The friends we stayed with are great fun, have a luxurious pool and my time was divided between laughing, talking about life and old fun times, swimming, lying by the pool and painting furniture with my friend. (and then partying hard with our other gorgeous friends at the 40th on Saturday night and recovering the next day) 

Lara had previously painted this little cabinet in ASCP Pure White but she wasn't entirely happy with it and some stains were creeping through. I suggested that Pure White may be a little stark for this old piece and against her grey taupe walls and that if we mixed some of the wall paint into ASCP Pure White that might solve her issues with it. So while we sipped our morning coffee we got to painting it. Lara said one thing she learnt from me was to just do it and get cracking. I think it's best not to put off what you can do right now. Within an hour or so we'd completely finished this project and were onto the next one.

Don't be afraid to mix paint. You can get great results. By using the wall colour in our custom mixed paint, we knew that the cabinet colour would go perfectly with the wall and blend in. Lara had grabbed this little cabinet off the side of the road years ago when one of her neighbours had tossed it. Gorgeous isn't it.

We also painted a huge pine mirror that they have had forever but the golden pine didn't go with this this house so they hadn't hung it. We painted it white and Lara is much happier with it now. We also refinished her previously painted coffee table to get a smoother table surface. It was good to teach Lara some of my chalk paint techniques. In return she taught me a new technique for sourdough bread making that I'm just loving and we chatted while we worked and solved all the problems of the world. I love days with friends like that.

We also stopped by the WAC and checked out Sandy's beautiful booth Paint Me White.

I thought you might like to see Sydney from the air as we flew home. The sun was glistening on the harbour and it was beautiful.

Fiona xx


  1. Fiona - the pictures over Sydney made me so homesick for my gorgeous city! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Just get cracking and do it!! I need to learn this one, there always seems to be something that is more urgent (usually tidying up the house after two toddlers) and it takes me forever to get a piece finished, or started. I am awed by the amount of new pieces you always have to share Fiona. Thanks. The grey looks quietly refined on that little cabinet, love it.

    1. thanks Zo, I have a to do list a mile long and the best way to tackle it is get it started - and then get it finished (i have to admit i have several half finished projects around!)

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