Monday, May 26, 2014

A revolving door for furniture

When my sister comes over to my house, she always laughs and asks me "Do you spend all day moving furniture? Your house always looks different!"  

I think that's just part and parcel with painting furniture and selling pieces. You buy new pieces, clean them, paint and do them up, keep them for a while, some sell more quickly than others, you need to move things around in your own house to accommodate new pieces. This last week I sold both the hall cupboards we've been using recently. I had listed them both for sale just to see which one would sell first and then I was going to keep the other but both sold on the same day. I decided to let them both go and keep an eye out for something else. Something gorgeous always comes along! 

In the mean time I am using this white painted hall table. It's a little small for this space and really we need more storage than this piece affords. I have loads of my mother's handmade quilts that get stored in the hallway. We currently don't really have a linen press so our linens, quilts and towels are all shoved in available wardrobes.

I do think this piece is light and pretty in our hallway for the moment. I love how spacious it all seems without the tall Tine K Inspired cupboard that's been waiting for sale there.

These peonies I bought from our local farmers' market on Saturday are just beautiful and I am adoring their lusciousness. Sorry for the photo overload but how can I not share this beauty with you.

I'll share some more changed spaces around our house later this week also. It's a moving feast of vintage furniture here. 
Do you change things around much at your house?
Is it just a Gemini thing?

Fiona x

If you are interested in purchasing this table please email me ($345, and more details here). 

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  1. Fiona, your post sounds oh so similar to my life. I, too am always moving things around (kind of using my house as a store). Sometimes the pieces work in my house and sometimes they look awkward and hope that those awkward pieces sell fast. The only problem is my stuff gets moved from one piece to another and I can never remember where they are!! Have a great day.
    P.S. I'm a Gemini too!

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup


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