Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Broken Mirrors to chalkboards

The other day when I was moving furniture around I had my beautiful painted vintage mirror resting against the edge of my bed and I walked past it with a drawer in my hand and bumped it over. I'm a little devastated to say it completely smashed. It was such lovely thick glass as well.  I could kick myself for being so careless.

It went from this...

french mirror Lilyfield life

...to this.

I asked on facebook and got some great recommendations for local glass people so I'll get a quote for the mirror replacement. If it's too expensive maybe I'll turn it into the world's most gorgeous chalkboard.  

However I think my friend Christine may already have the most gorgeous one.  I found this divine but broken mirror and Christine asked for me to turn it into a chalkboard for her.

Broken Mirrors to chalkboards Lilyfield Life

Broken Mirrors to chalkboards

The glass was so hard to remove out of this old mirror - i resorted to smashing it all with a hammer. The gold leaf was all flaking off but Christine loves imperfect vintage things and loved it just the way it was. She sent me this photo via text when she got the chalkboard home.

Broken Mirrors to chalkboards

Chris has a beautiful home full of gorgeous things and I'm delighted to have been able to add to her collection. She and her daughter also run a fabulous business selling vintage treasures in Agnes Banks near Windsor. Most of her pieces are in original condition so expect a few bumps and flaking paint but Chris has an amazing eye for authentic French beauty so it's worth checking out her facebook page, Vintage Imperfect Perfections.  

french furniture Lilyfield Life

french furniture Lilyfield Life

french furniture Lilyfield Life

There's so much gorgeous furniture in the world :)

Fiona xx


  1. Oh Fiona, that's just too bad for your mirror…….and it was such a beautiful one. I would keep it as a mirror even if I would have to wait and save up for it. The gold mirror is also so gorgeous.

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup


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