Monday, May 12, 2014

White Shabby Chic Blanket Box and Fabulous Market finds

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's day yesterday either with your own mother or your kids. I missed my own mum but was very spoilt by my beautiful husband and kids. Gorgeous handmade cards full of love, fresh flowers, breakfast, new jammies and slippers, earrings and of course my vintage flower planter all restored by Phil. I am so grateful for gorgeous children and a thoughtful husband. Although I say gorgeous kids they did manage to spend the morning fighting and bickering with each other so much so I thought about heading out to lunch by myself. Instead I spent the afternoon in bed trying to get better as I'm still sick and it's driving me a little bonkers.

However I was also unbelievably blessed by the thrifting gods (and a lovely market dealer who I always check out when I'm out and about). We had a little stroll up to Rozelle after breakfast yesterday for a coffee and Phil suggested we cruise around the markets (brave, brave man). I had a great time finding these beautiful treasures all for amazingly good prices. Talk about a happy day!

The big silver dish is so heavy and just divine. It was made in England for Carlton Hotels and obviously has had a lifetime of use. I can just imagine it full of ice and little drink bottles on a party table - or even a roast chicken and all the trimmings. I can't wait for a chance to use it, you'll see more photos of it I am sure.  The bone handled knives are always a favourite in our house and the salt dishes and keeper are gorgeous and match some that my mother left me.

As far as furniture makeovers goes I couldn't walk past this lovely old blanket box a while ago - it's oak but I didn't like the timber finish at all - too multi-toned. I thought it would look much prettier in shabby chic white. I did get a few negative comments on facebook about painting the old oak white but seriously, come on, it was UGLY! Anyway I run a furniture painting business, what do people expect?

From this

to this.


White Shabby Chic Blanket Box Lilyfield Life

It did take loads and loads of white paint (ASCP Pure White) - I can't quite remember but probably 6 or 7 good coats. I then sanded much more heavily I usually do because I wanted a shabby chic look. I also used ASCP Clear Wax for the top coat and buffed for a lovely sheen. I can just imagine this filled with vintage faded floral quilts. Channeling Rachel Ashwell for this one.

White Shabby Chic Blanket Box Lilyfield Life

Seeing I'm not really shabby chic myself I had to make do with stripes.

White Shabby Chic Blanket Box Lilyfield Life

I had a lot of offers to buy this but it was first in, first served and it was snapped up by the lovely Roxanne.

I do understand the need to leave some pieces timber but this definitely wasn't one of them.

What do you prefer - the before or after?  

Did you have a lovely mother's day? Did your kids fight as much as mine did? What is that - is it that I was getting attention? I don't know but it is so exhausting when they fight. Thank god they usually get on well.

Fiona xx


  1. Of course you would paint the box, it looked old and ugly before!! I just love the finished product, much more useable and gorgeous.

    I had a lovely Mothers Day with our annual extended family get together on the South Perth foreshore, perfect weather and very relaxing.

    Your kids may fight sometimes but they will always be the best of friends in the long run.

    1. that's true about the kids isn't it Roberta. glad you had a lovely mother's day - well deserved!
      thanks for all your lovely comments xx

  2. It is looks so much better painted! Great job on that one!

  3. Thumbs up for the after look- ugly wood is ugly wood and there is little you can do about it....except give it a lovely new coat of paint!!

  4. What utter rubbish - that is a repro linen/blanket chest, they were machine made in fair quantities in the UK from the sixties, right through to the present day. The giveaway is the darker tinting, which is often a sprayed on finish. It was crying out to be painted and it looks great.

    1. oh so funny - when i first read your comment i thought you were saying it is rubbish that i painted it! glad to hear you agree xx


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