Thursday, May 29, 2014

s-s-s-single bed

Sometimes I let furniture slip through my hands even when I would love to keep it. Living in the inner west with smallish rooms and limited space, I need to be ever practical. Sometimes it's enough to just have pieces come through my business and to help build my brand. I love been known as someone who can source beautiful unique pieces and this matching pair of walnut French single beds definitely fit that bill. 

Sorry about the Noosha Fox reference in the blog post title - only Australians will probably understand. 
"All I've got is a s-s-s-single bed"

But hey I've got two!

I would love one of these gorgeous beds for my daughter but I feel strongly about keeping them together. It can be very hard to find beautiful French beds in a matching pair so I don't want to split these. We definitely don't have room for two beds in our kids bedrooms long term (they can be squeezed in for short periods but it makes the rooms very pokey) so when I posted the above photo in Instagram last night and one of my lovely regular customers texted me straight away, I agreed to sell them. 

Karen doesn't want them painted so the wood just needs oiling as it's a bit dried out and the beds need new brackets and slats but those are easy fixes. 

The side rails are even gorgeous! They aren't just straight timber. The details are gorgeous. The bedhead and ends are slightly curved (concave) also. I can't wait to see them all set up in Karen's house.

If I had two little girls, I'd make them share a room just to see these beds side by side with frilly white bed linen.

Karen has also bought my beautiful cabinet that is currently in our study area. When we renovate there is no room in that spot for the cabinet as it's where our stairwell will be located. I could make room for it in the new living room but as it's full of dining room stuff I don't want it in the lounge room (two rooms away) so I am selling it. 

Phil is wondering where I'm going to locate all our stuff that currently is stored in there once it's gone (me too!) but I'm sure another piece will come along. 

Perhaps I'll use that spot (until we start building) as a storage place for pieces while they are waiting to sell. That would have to be better than our bedroom. Thank god for patient husbands.

Fiona xx


  1. Lovely beds. I am sure she will enjoy them!

    1. Thanks Rose, Aren’t they gorgeous. I’ll be sorry to see these go but Karen is very lovely and I know she will treasure them.

  2. Such beautiful pieces. I would probably paint them. I know, that's a no-no to most everyone, but me. I can't imagine selling that cabinet! It's a delight!

    1. I hate to say it what when push came to shove I couldn’t sell the cabinet either, luckily my gorgeous customer understood and was happy with just the beds. Oh man I felt bad…

  3. I feel sooo unbelievably lucky to be the new owner of such beautiful unique pieces. Like with most things which seem too good to be true I just have to pinch myself every now and then. I think I might move into my children's bedroom because they are the owners of such beautiful LilyfieldLife furniture with the Weathered Wash Finish Chest of Drawers from March-14 also in their room. I will have to bring you a bottle of wine Fiona to console yourself in parting with 2 beauties in one day. xx k


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