Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend and White Paint

Good morning! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I worked/painted a lot of the weekend to finish several custom orders so I'm looking forward to a slower paced week now with most of the furniture finished and in its new homes. 

We did go to friends for dinner on Saturday night. It was extremely relaxed besides there being 6 little boys for a sleep over and that the husband had forgotten to mention to the wife that we were popping in for a drink - well it was so lovely and relaxed and we drank loads of champagne and laughed and talked and decided to have dinner together so we ordered take away pasta, all very easy and delicious. So perhaps it was good my friend didn't have warning or time to do any preparation. I love spontaneous evenings like that.


and I love it when my husband brings me flowers - he loves me! Poppies are definitely one of my favourites.

I painted several white pieces this weekend. The first was a gorgeous chest of french style drawers.

Lilyfield Life white painted french drawers

Lilyfield Life white painted french drawers

These were snapped up from the before photo and my client asked for them to be white. Crisp and classic.

Lilyfield Life white painted french drawers

Lilyfield Life white painted french drawers

The little container on the top was my maternal grandfather's. It would have been for collars and cufflinks. It has his initials on top. I love it and have had it since I was a teenager. It's so nice having things that hold such nice memories. Our grandad lives with us for many years when we were growing up and I loved him so much. This piece was always on his dressing table.

Here is the before photo of the chest of drawers. I love the shape of these pieces but not the original finish. Too dated.

I also painted a queen bed for Caroline and Tim. I have also painted their bedside tables recently. I didn't take a before photo but it was all pine. The pine bled a lot and after two coats of Zinsser 123 Bullseye I ended up cracking out the shellac based Zinsser BIN and that worked a treat. Lots of sanding on this piece to make it beautifully smooth. It''s painted in Porters Chalk Emulsion and finished in ASCP Clear Wax. 

Lilyfield Life white painted bed Porters Chalk Emulsion

and here are the bedsides. They are so cute and sweet. I love them.

Lilyfield Life white painted bedside tables Porters Chalk Emulsion

So our house has a lot less furniture in it this week which is great. I have a doctors appointment this morning to sort out my coughing - it's driving me nuts still. Then I'm finishing off a french chair (that I'll share tomorrow) and having lunch with a friend. Lovely!

hope you've all had a lovely weekend also
Fiona xx

Lilyfield Life white painted bed Porters Chalk Emulsion


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