Friday, May 30, 2014

Paris Grey Desk and Chair

In preparation for our house getting turned upside down while we renovate I will be selling some painted pieces that we've had in our house and I was going to keep. I've come to the realisation that it is better to sell them now rather than place them in storage in the hope that we have room for them when the building is finished. I can always buy more old pieces and paint them for us to keep down the track. That's the beauty of what I do. (Well you definitely know I am always on the hunt for lovely old pieces to paint!)

Two pieces that I'm letting go of are this gorgeous little desk and matching chair. I painted the desk in ASCP Paris grey with pure white highlights. There is a single drawer at the right hand side of it. I have teamed it with a little chair that I painted in ASCP Pure White and covered in beautiful damask. The desk has sat in the corner of my son's room and had books piled on it but he's never actually used it so it's in beautiful condition. The same with the chair.

I have regretted selling a couple of pieces over the years but I don't know that I'll regret selling this desk despite adoring the little carved shield. I like changing the house around and I love that people like my painted furniture enough to buy it and keep it in their houses.  As I said I can always find another desk and paint it for my son when he moves into his new room.

One piece I do regret selling is this white cupboard - I love the lines of this cupboard. I can't remember who I sold it to but I hope they still love it.

And I am already questioning my decision to sell the magnificent cabinet that sits in my study. Last night Phil said I was crazy to sell it as I'll never find anything like it again. But I just can't find a spot for it when we renovate and I think it's the right thing to do. I've been back and forth in my head a million times and I know that I am probably okay with it. I know Karen is really in love with it and that makes it okay also.

Email me if you are interested in the desk and chair please.

Do you have any regrets about letting things go?

Fiona x


  1. I love your attitude toward selling your furniture, rather that hoarding every gorgeous piece. It's a real wealth mentality-I will find more!
    Love the new blog too! So clean and fresh and gorgeous-much more in your style! x

    1. thank you Ness, that's so nice. yes I really do believe in abundance rather than scarcity. We don't need to hang on to everything. And thanks for the comment about the new blog - I have been wanting to do it for a while. have a lovely weekend

  2. Love the grey too Fiona, it looks lovely.

    I have had a few regrets, but nothing really significant. At the moment I'm wondering whether I should just keep a little wardrobe until we move next year... just in case I need it ;)


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