Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Beautiful French Linen Press

french linen press hand painted by Lilyfield Life

Yesterday was a lovely productive day but I did manage to hurt my shoulder - lifting too many heavy things I think, I've iced it this morning and popped some nurofen this morning. I'm hoping it sorts itself out and I don't have to make a trip to my trusty osteopath, Matt.

I finished this divine French linen press yesterday. I completely love it and think it's in the top 5 of my all time favourite and best pieces. If I didn't have to pay school fees I would keep it. It sold with about 10 people next in line within minutes of me posting it so that solves the problem of me wanting to keep it :)

french linen press hand painted by Lilyfield Life

This piece had a weird red glaze all over it so I was able to remove that with Diggers Wax and Greaser Remover - one of favourite products that I pretty much use everyday. I have painted this piece in a very authentic French style - a washed grey with a waxed finish. It is so smooth with the loveliest sheen.

french linen press hand painted by Lilyfield Life

french linen press hand painted by Lilyfield Life

Pieces like these are so handy but are so hard to find - and are usually expensive. This one is probably the most I've ever paid for a piece but I love it so much that I splurged.

I am not painting this morning as it's one of my friend's birthdays and we are off to do a little road trip to the northern beaches to look at some antique shops and drink loads of coffee. It will do my shoulder good to give it a rest today.

Fiona xx

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