Friday, February 2, 2018

The prettiest side tables :)

Good morning - I am thankful for the cooler weather and the garden is thankful for the rain this morning. I have several side tables I wanted to show you today. The first are magnificent hand carved Italian large side tables. I bought these from a lady in Greenwich and would have loved to know their story. However when I went to pick them up, the lady had her baby sleeping in the front room so basically grabbed the money, shoved the tables at me and shut the front door. Anyway who cares as they are divine.

hand painted vintage side tables by Lilyfield life

I wanted to really highlight all the beautiful carvings so I painted two coats of ASCP French Linen on the base and then dry brushed white over the top. I then waxed the bases. For the tops I have painted in a custom mixed white and then used a clear coat sealer over the paint for easy care. 

If you are interested in watching a video of me dry brushing these, you can watch it here. I share lots of tips as I'm painting so I hope you find is helpful. I've had over 3500 views of the video and 15 shares so far so I'm assuming people have found it interesting anyway. 

hand painted vintage side tables by Lilyfield life

hand painted vintage side tables by Lilyfield life

I also finished these little beauties yesterday. I painted them in a pale putty grey paint with white trim and they have been sealed with a satin sealer. I really enjoyed painting these. White painting all the trim white is time consuming I find it quite relaxing and delicate. I had a movie playing in the background and I just painted and chilled. 

hand painted vintage side tables by Lilyfield life

hand painted vintage side tables by Lilyfield life

And here is a little vintage French piece I didn't paint. It's absolutely gorgeous. I bought this piece from a couple who are downsizing. They have a beautiful large house full to the brim of amazing pieces. Jonty came with me to collect this and we were both blown away by the furniture. Jonty's been helping me a lot this summer, sanding, priming and also taking the handles off pieces. I pay him not for jobs instead of giving him pocket money and he just loves it. Reminds me of me at that age. I used to work in my dad's business and I got paid $6 an hour and I used to ask my dad to pay me every hour. He acquiesced for the first few days but after that he said I just had to write the $6 on a piece of paper every hour and then he'd pay at the end of the week. Nothing like earning your own money as a kid :)

vintage french drawers

Anyway saying that I had best get cracking :)
have a great day

(All these pieces have sold already)

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