Monday, February 19, 2018

Weekend projects

Lilyfield Life

Good morning! Hope you had a lovely weekend. I worked most of Saturday but yesterday didn't even enter my studio. We had a lovely lunch at Phil's boss' house and then came home and had a swim and easy dinner. I had a massive allergic reaction to Phil's boss' cat. I didn't realise but I sat in the chair the cat usually sits in so while I didn't even touch the actual cat I ended up with a puffy face, streaming eyes and running nose. I then took an antihistamine but I think because I'd had two glasses of champagne before taking it , it really knocked me around. I was glad to wake up this morning feeling back to normal.

Lilyfield Life French upholstered vintage chair

On Saturday I finished this chair that I have been working on for a while. It was originally a dark reddish brown with floral tapestry. It was not nice at all. I'm more than happy to not recover a chair if the tapestry is nice but this was just ugly. 

Lilyfield Life French upholstered vintage chair

Lilyfield Life French upholstered vintage chair

Here's another chair I recently painted that was picked up on Saturday - on this one, the fabric was in perfect condition so I just painted the fabric and waxed it. It looks so good and ends up feeling like very soft leather.If you are interested in how this is done here's a tutorial I wrote a while ago.  I just taped off the stripe with painters tape and painted them also.

Lilyfield Life French upholstered vintage chair

Another piece I finished on Saturday was this lovely carved timber mirror. It's quite big (97cm across). The timber varnish was quite shiny so I gave it a good sand and then painted it in ASCP Duck Egg, gently distressed the paint and finished it with clear wax. 

Lilyfield Life hand painted mirror ascp duck egg

Lilyfield Life hand painted mirror ascp duck egg

I have a few lovely vintage paintings available also. This one below has the prettiest hues and is in pristine condition.

vintage painting flowers

Available; a divine vintage oil painting of flowers in the prettiest tones. Signed by artist (Hedy) and beautifully framed. Painting and frame in excellent condition.
A gorgeous painting to treasure. 
69 x 59 cm
Pickup Lilyfield

vintage painting flowers

I also still have this coat rack available - a petty piece for your hallway or bathroom.

Available: lovely coat rack with 4 hooks. Fleur de lis design. An off white chalk paint and antiqued with wax. Screw directly into wall or add a bracket/hook at back for hanging.
102 cm long
Pickup Lilyfield

Lilyfield life coat rack

I have a delivery this morning of some fabulous French pieces I have sourced. I usually do all the pickups myself but none of these pieces fit in my vehicle so I am grateful to give my back a rest from all the heavy lifting. I'm really excited to receive these pieces as they are so special. I'll share photos tomorrow.

Let's get stuck into the week :)
have a good one
Fiona xx


  1. Hi There,
    What kind of plant do you have growing up the wall outside the french doors on your patio?
    I am always amazed at how much work that you accomplish in a week!

    1. hi Judy its a hedge of Lillypilly trees. there are about 5 trees all planted quite close together. thank you, Fiona


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