Sunday, February 11, 2018

Beautiful sideboard in ASCP Graphite and Matte Sealer

Good morning lovely people. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Yesterday as one of those days just spent running around with the kids. Jonty has been learning the saxophone for a year now and we had been borrowing my nephew's but it has come to the time that we needed to get Jonty his own one. So expensive but wow what a beautiful instrument. He had better do lots of practice. Both kids then had friends over for a study session, we went for a quick dinner at my friends' for their son's birthday and then drop Sasha at a party then pick her up a few hours later. I did squeeze in time to upholster a french chair and I thought I was going well until i turned it around and realised I hadn't cut the fabric out properly and was a centimetre too short on one side so I had to untack it all and I'll start again another day. I am trying to not be frustrated by it - it's all a learning process isn't it.

I wanted to share with you a beautiful piece I finished and delivered last week. This sideboard has a lovely story. I love a good bit of furniture history.

 This sideboard had a heavy varnish that had turned quite orange so I gave the base a good sand and cleaned it all. I’ve painted the base in ASCP Graphite (three coats for very good coverage).  I then used a clear matte sealer (Rustoluem brand) to seal the chalk paint. I used two coats, sanding between coats and then waxed the sealer. It sounds laborious but you get a beautiful finish. The top was sanded back, stained a deep walnut and sealed with both the matte based sealer and dark wax for a durable finish. 

This sideboard was made by master furniture makers Bell Bros of Brisbane.  The family who owned this sideboard contacted me to see if I would like to buy it. It was custom made as a wedding present for their grandparents. So much love went into this piece as the family were good friends of the Bell Bros family. How nice to be able to make something like this for your good friends. 

I delivered this to the buyers Rebecca and Kieran on Tuesday and they just loved it. it was a real honour to go to their house and see all the pieces of furniture they have purchased from me over the years. This piece will take pride of place in their hallway next to a gorgeous wingback leather armchair that looks so good next to the walnut top.

Rebecca sent me flowers as a thank you.How beautiful are they and how lovely is she.

Here's the before photo. I had to soot in black and white as too orange for my sensibilities :)

Do you love this stately combination or do you think black furniture is too dark for your home?
I would love your feedback.

I'm off to the Kirribilli flying yacht squadron for one of my closest friends 50th birthday lunch today. So lovely to catch up with my beautiful friends (even if we are all getting OLD!!)

Enjoy your Sunday.
Fiona xx


  1. You are a busy woman! I love what you did with this piece. It is so wonderful to resurrect a piece into a new life. Bravo!

  2. Hi Fiona
    Freezing cold, sleet and snow is in the air here, spending the weekend on the North Yorkshire coast.
    How interesting that you’ve used a sealer and varnished, wouldn’t have thought of doing this, will definitely try though will take more effort.
    I wouldn't go for black in my house but in the right setting could be ok.
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Maria, hope you had a lovely weekend despite the cold. I used the matte sealer first for durability then waxed for that lovely feel wax gives.
      Cheers Fiona xx

    2. Thanks Fiona, yes, I really like the feel of wax, your method is the best of both worlds. Mx

  3. Love love love the moody graphite.


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