Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Trying a new paint

A few months ago Alyssa asked me to try her new furniture paint Chalked Up Furniture Paint and she sent me a tin of the Mushroom Greige. I hadn't got around to trying it but yesterday I finally cracked open the tin and painted the sweetest little vintage cupboard with it.

I did find this paint lovely to paint with when you lay it down, but when it's dry it was more chalky than I'm used to. Once I'd given it a light sand with very fine sandpaper and waxed it, it is a beautiful finish that I'm really happy with. 

This old piece is from country Tasmania. It's lovely for a bedside table, lamp table or storage in your bathroom. 
The interior is unpainted and has a masonite base. 
59w x 42d x 80h including backing board
Pickup Lilyfield

I wanted to thank you all for the lovely emails from my blog post yesterday. I really appreciate hearing from you.  I think I will just keep an even closer eye on the kids in the afternoons to make sure they don't fall behind. It's not that they aren't organised or diligent - they are good at their studies, I just want them to set up good habits that will see them through these next few years. One lady wrote to me and said she feels that teenagers need us more than when they were younger. Phil and I had been saying the same thing.

I'm off this morning to assist one of my few remaining business consulting clients with a performance review. So nice to replace my painting clothes with a suit.  I have only two clients I still work with as really just focus on my painting business but I know these clients so well and have worked with them for years so for the few days they need me each year I am more than happy to work with them. As they say a change is as good as a holiday :)

Fiona xx

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