Sunday, February 18, 2018

White French style drawers

Good morning - we are heading out to lunch today but this morning is walks in the park, helping with some maths revision and tidying the house. I am sitting at my desk with Sasha next to me doing her maths so I thought I'd write a blog post while she is working on her own.

One style of furniture that I buy every time I see it (well every time unless they are outrageously expensive or in bad condition) is the vintage 9 drawers chest by Australian master furniture makers Burgess.  I recently found two and offered them both up for custom painting. Melissa bought one of them and asked for it to be painted solid white, Kaman bought the second and has asked for it to be white but gently distressed.  I have finished the one for Melissa and will be painting Kaman's this week.

Have a lovely day
Fiona xx

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