Saturday, June 9, 2012

Early Morning on the Bay Run

Lilyfield is situated right on Sydney Harbour and we are lucky to have a fantastic walking/running/cycle path right around the foreshore, called the Bay Run.  This morning I woke early and took our dog out for an early morning walk.  It's 8km from our house around the Bay and back. (with a little stop at Divi Cafe to pick up coffees on the way home).

Here are some photos from this morning.  The first one looks lighter than it actually was.

 Here comes the sun.

Have a great weekend. We've got a long weekend to celebrate the Queen's birthday. Hip Hip Hooray!  I won't be posting again until Tuesday. Ciao till then.


  1. Love the Bay Run!! It's just somehow relaxing and energizing at the same time and so beautiful!

    1. thanks Lizzie - We live so close to Callan Park and the Bay Run. It's such a good area. I always appreciate it when I'm going around the Bay!


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