Friday, June 8, 2012

When ugly is a good thing

I love it when I find something quite ugly that I know I can make into something beautiful.  Often it's only the colour that is ugly but so many people can't see past this and overlook the item. Ugly things are generally CHEAP!

Yesterday I found this extremely ugly vase at Vinnies. Isn't the colour just hideous. But I love the shape and think that with the application of a good primer and some paint this can be quite lovely. 

I'll show you the vase when I finish it but it's primed now and already it's looking much nicer.

Much Improved and This is Just Primer...

When I shop at furniture auctions I am always on the lookout for ugly furniture - ugly but with good lines. If the furniture has got ugly paint or wood stains or is a weird colour or the finish is just dated then the item will often be able to be scored for a bargain. I know that a lot of the other people buying at auction can't be bothered refinishing the piece or can't even see what I can see.  That's a good thing!

So next time you are looking for a bargain, overlook the ugliness and just look at the lines of the piece. Is it something that could be made beautiful with paint?



  1. Definately looks better already!

  2. Totaly agree Fiona ugly can be beutiful just add colour!

  3. I so hear you on this one! I love that ugly old 'junk' is so unappealing to most people. I'm always just hoping no-one else sees the potential I do. That way I can have all the 'junk' to myself (for as cheap as possible!).
    Sometimes I'm even embarrassed to buy some of the things I do. Once I was in Target and I was about to buy this really ugly artificial plant. I overheard two women commenting on how tacky it was. I so wanted to turn around and say "I just want it for its urn". He, he, he.

  4. I'm trying hard to do exacrtly that - look past current state to see the potential! Look forward to seeing the finished product.


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