Friday, June 29, 2012

IKEA is feeling a little blue

Oh my, have you seen the new IKEA range "Simply Blue". It's looking good!  I think a trip to the nearby IKEA Tempe will be in the near future. 

via Ikea Newsletter

Inspired by India, China and Portugal, IKEA sure has captured a bright beach-y feeling. If you are living in Australia, this might just be the pop of colour you need to get you through the winter.  These colours are making me very excited about our upcoming Bali holiday. I'm sure I can find a pool that bright blue somewhere... or a cocktail!

These are my favourites:

BETYDANDE vase $29.99

BETYDANDE candle holder $9.99

BOLBRO rug $29.99
BLADSPINNARE cushion $39.99

And I might need a sarong for beside the Bali pool! $9.99

Click through to the IKEA campaign catalogue. You've got to love IKEA for their cheap homewares (and their Swedish meatballs).




  1. Hi, I love this post. We must have discovered this at about the same time.
    I just did a post on this too and discovered yours by accident......I was trying to find out when it will be in stores? Do you happen to know?
    Thanks so much and have a great day!!!
    Tania xx

  2. Hi went to Ikea on Friday saw this on display at Rhodes looks good love the BOLBRO rug.

  3. That would look good in a beach


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