Thursday, June 7, 2012

Prints Charming Coffee Sack Cushions

I love using old printed coffee sacks for the backs of cushions. It really adds a different textural dimension than just soft fabric. I personally wouldn't use it for the front as I would find it too scratchy to lean on.

Here's one I made recently as a present for one of my aunts. For the front I used a floral fat quarter and then a small print on linen from Prints Charming. This shop is in Annandale (very close to Lilyfield) and Cath and Kirsten are very creative. If you want some lovely printed or embroidered fabric make sure you check them out. They have several big sales throughout the year and I always go to see what little scraps of prints I can find so I can incorporate them in my own sewing.

The back is a great printed coffee sack.

Here are some of my previous cushions that I've blogged about before, made in the same style:



I've been thinking about making some easy ruffle cushion covers in linen for our back room so I'll make sure I take plenty of photos to show you an easy way of making them.

On the furniture painting front, I'm finally getting around to painting our bedroom bedside tables. They were very scratched on top so have had to be sanded down a lot. Then I've had terrible trouble with wood bleed through but have that sorted.  I thought I'd have them finished by now but the weather had been pretty terrible in Sydney so I haven't been painting at all the last couple of days.

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