Monday, June 18, 2012

French Provincial Homewares at Thèmes Classic and Timeless

I have a favourite homewares shop ... and it's not IKEA. (although IKEA is pretty good for homewares). My go-to-place for presents and that something special for my home is  Thèmes: Classic & Timeless in Haberfield.   It's a beautiful shop full of French Provincial Homewares.  Patricia, the owner, is one of the most gorgeous and stylish women you could meet.  

Take a look inside via my photos. Whenever I go to visit Patricia I end up buying something, either for myself or for a present for a friend.  OK, sometimes I don't buy anything but I always covet something. There are so many beautiful things in her shop: furniture, lamps, homewares, lotions and soaps, scarves etc. Some thing for everyone.  She also offers gift vouchers.

Can you see the two candle sticks below with the sea foam green candles - I love these and am trying to justify them. Patricia just laughs at me and says that I would just end up painting them white.

This is Patricia - I caught her unawares with the camera and she was all worried she hadn't done her hair, but this is her au naturale and I think she's just stunning.

I love birdcages used to dispaly pretty things. I have a vintage birdcage at home (that is green) and I'm trying to work out how to make it over so it looks more like the one below on the chair. And how gorgeous is that clock!

Remember I blogged previously about being given a chandelier that is broken and I have to fix. Patricia is the one who gave it to me and she has the same chandelier hanging in her shop. Isn't it a beauty. Her prices are very reasonable. I saw the same chandelier recently down in Bowral for $500 more expensive.  I can't wait to hang my chandelier.  I've got to get onto fixing it. Perhaps this week.

Thèmes also has a great array of lamps. 
I really like this one below - and look it's on sale!

Another reason I like visiting Thèmes is for all Patricia's styling. She has little vignettes everywhere. if you are looking for some ideas for your own house she is a good person to talk to to get ideas from.

I love this rustic chopping board and silver cutlery and home wares. 
I could take the whole lot home with me.

Pretty good fake flowers!

Impeccable styling!

Patricia also has a huge array of materials for custom made blinds, curtains, upholstery and cushions.  If you see anything you like in the photos above or want to visit her shop you can find it at:

Thèmes: Classic & Timeless
12/191 Ramsay St

You can phone Patricia on: (02) 97989586

Not only is Patricia gorgeous, she loves my kids also!

I haven't been paid or compensated to blog about Thèmes. I am just doing it because I adore Patricia and her shop and think it's got an amazing array of products that are extremely well priced.

Go visit her!  and then you can always walk up the road for amazing Italian food and coffee. Haberfield is a very Italian suburb!



  1. Gorgeous shop Fiona thanks for sharing lovey. So many gorgeous pieces I could never leave empty handed. xx

    1. I know Sandy - I just love it and everyone I ever take there loves it (and they love Patricia!)

  2. Looks gorgeous Fiona. As for that birdcage, I'd spray paint it with a grey primer then go mad with drybrushing with several shades of brown, maybe even some of that paint that makes rust...would be great fun!

    Looks like we are coming to Sydney in August, would love you to show me some shops :)

    xx Karen

    1. that would be a lot of fun Karen, let me know when you are coming! and yes I'm going to give my birdcage a makeover!)

  3. Oh I would have a field day in that shop. It's now on my must visit list for my next trip to Sydney!

    1. hi Kylie -let me know when you are in town and I'll met you there for a browse and coffee!

  4. What a small world I actually worked ith Patricia many many years I will have to pop in and say hello!


    1. hi Lena - go say hi . it would make her day! it IS a small world!

  5. Thank-you Fiona. You are so lovely. Love you and your beautiful children lots!!!

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