Friday, June 22, 2012

Vintage Trunk Coffee Table

I am so exited about having my lunch with George Calombaris of Masterchef fame on Sunday (and the hotel and the VIP tickets to the Good Food & Wine Show). I'm still pinching myself about winning the Ultimate Dinner Party Competition with Fisher & Paykel. Check in with me on Monday to hear all about it!

Winter has arrived in Sydney and the nights are now chilly. We're still generally blessed with fabulous sunny days but the clear skies are making the nights that much cooler.  It's time to get out the winter throws to snuggle up on the lounge with.

Last year I was always folding up the lounge throws and stacking them up on the edge of the lounge every morning but they still looked messy. Then I found this fabulous vintage trunk at an auction. A bargain for $45.  I loving finding vintage furniture and home decor either on eBay, the side of the road, or at furniture auctions.  As you know, I usually transform my vintage finds with white paint but this trunk was just perfect as it was.

Now I can just open up the trunk and shove in the throws and the lounge room looks tidy. Unfortunately I'm very much a "neat on the outside but please don't look inside my cupboards" sort of person.  This trunk really suits me!

It's a small size and not too heavy so it's easy to move over to the edge of the lounge or armchair for your pot of tea or coffee cup.

I love our armchairs.  I could have sold these about 50 times. Most people who enter our house rave about these chairs. They were a bargain on eBay a few years ago and they are super comfortable. The cream lounge is one I reupholstered myself a few years ago in macrosuede and it's lasting very well. I love how any marks just scrub off.

Some good dings and rust.

Nice vintage hardware.

And I love the blue interior although I do wonder how the inside of the lid was burnt (see the black spots). I thought they'd just clean off but they are permanent.  The imperfections of thrifted vintage furniture need to be embraced. It's all part of the trunks previous but unknown life. I think these imperfections add to the charm.

This is my favourite throw. We bought it in markets in Cairo when we travelled in Egypt in 2002. It looks black in the photos but it's actually a very dark navy.  It's made from gazelle wool and is very soft and beautiful.  Our trip to Egypt was incredible and we loved the history, the food and markets.  I do have a couple of less than beautiful polar fleece throws also which I don't care if the kids drag them out to the trampoline or the yard for making cubbies but this one is my special one.  

I had to laugh, recently on Instagram, another Sydney blogger said she was getting out her winter cushions from storage as it was getting colder in the evenings. Winter throws are one thing but winter cushions? Does anyone else change their cushions for different seasons?

What are your hints for keeping the lounge room tidy? Have you got a vintage trunk to hide the everyday mess in?

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  1. What an adorable trunk! My parents have a few that we used to hide our stuff in growing up. :) Megan

  2. Nice touch with the trunk. In my formal lounge i have a square basket I bought years ago from Freedom that I keep the throws well in our space. Enjoy the lunch on Sunday:-)

  3. Hi Fiona, I have a trunk very similar that was my nana's quite an antique I would say. It's tucked away in my shed somewhere and its a salmon color - must paint it white.
    Yours look gorgeous just as it is. Enjoy your weekend. Sandy x

  4. Hi Fiona, I have a Fortnum & Mason large hamper basket which I store my winter blankets in. (I bought it with me from England). I also change my cushions for the winter months, usually I go for darker colours, last year it was burgundy, this year navy blue. 😃

    1. Thanks Stacey –lovely to see you on my blog as well as Instagram! Your hamper sounds fantastic. I love Fortnum & Mason. I used to go and buy my Christmas presents there to send home to my mum!
      I am so going to have to investigate this winter cushion thing! LOL
      Cheers Fiona


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