Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Well here's one thing I won't be making any more...

...and that's babies.  

Sasha - a couple of days old
I just turned 45 (last Saturday) and just got some blood tests back yesterday that show that I'm menopausal.  WTF?? Is that early menopause? And while I wasn't planning on having any more kids, I still felt like having a cry after I left the doctors. All sorts of weird...

I suppose the up side is no more painful periods, no more worrying about contraception and no more hassling my husband to have a vasectomy (that he flat out refuses to have because he doesn't want his body cut. Hello, does he remember my emergency c-section?).

As I mentioned in an earlier post I'm on a kick to lose some weight. It's been a hard slog despite doing a ridiculous amount of exercise each day and counting every calorie that passes my lips. So the other day I got jack of the slow progress and booked in to see my doctor for a thyroid and other blood tests (hence the results about menopause).

I was kind of hoping my thyroid wasn't very active which is just a bit crazy - unfortunately (or really I should say fortunately) my thyroid is working absolutely remarkably perfectly.  But the blood tests show that I'm well into menopause which is a bit early but not unheard of.  The doctor said this will definitely make it harder to lose weight - I guess I'll just have to change my expectations on how long it's going to take. 

And I suppose another up-side that I've seemingly sailed through peri-menopause and menopause without really noticing.  No HRT required. Although I did have hot flushes and night sweats about a year ago but just didn't really think about it very much and I'm always a warm person - I usually wear singlet tops in winter when everyone else is in coats and scarves.  My periods have been really weird for about a year and then I've realised it's about 6 months since my last one.  While they say you're not actually menopausal till it's a year since you've had your last period my hormone levels show that I'm well into it.

When I was debating whether to share this on my blog or not I googled "menopause blog" and OMG there are heaps of blogs dedicated to this topic.  How much is there to say about it?

So now I'll just have to work that little bit harder to lose weight. Ageing is a bummer isn't it..



  1. Oh geez Fiona that is a bit scary, but good that as you say you have sailed through the early stages without really noticing.

    I have endometriosis so will probably be glad to see the end of my 'fertile' years too. My hubby (after years of psyching himself up, haha) got a vasectomy 2 years ago and it worked, but he was very very sore for about 6 weeks. Only time ever he 'turned it down' lol!

    Good on you for sharing it on your blog. Your variety and range of posts certainly is interesting and gets me thinking, and coming back to see what else you are up to, as I am sure many others do too :)

    xx Karen

  2. Good on you for sharing this on your blog, I think it's important to talk about these things so we can help each other…well, get through, I suppose?

  3. I so understand that you wanted to cry.I had the same reaction and I have 5 kids.I think its a reaction to the end of a phase in your life.

  4. Thanks fir sharing Fiona, ......... all of it's inevitable isn't it?

  5. That's good though, that you are as far along into it and haven't had many issues. My mother had a hard time with it (she was in her mid-40's as well when she started). I agree with these other fabulous ladies on here, it's good to share these things. :) And it's good that you're healthy (thyroid conditions are not fun).

    1. thanks Amy, you are so right. must better for it to be what's hoping to happen anyway and not a thyroid condition.
      thanks for everyone's kind words!

  6. I am so sorry. That must have been quite a shock to find out that it was menopause that was making you feel a bit different!

    I had a little cry in the months after my third was born as I knew that it was the end of babies for me too. It is a little grieving process to go through.

    Your babies are beautiful - you made them very cute!
    Good luck going through this major life change! xx

    1. thanks. they were beautiful babies! and still gorgeous kids.

  7. I can relate to trying to lose weight. It is so much harder than ten years ago. Thanks for sharing.



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