Thursday, October 25, 2012

change of scene

For the next month I'll be looking at this view 

(well occasionally I'll be looking out the window when I'm not looking at spreadsheets and project plans on my computer)

rather than my standard view of this

I'm on an exciting contract full time for the next month in the city and am swapping my paint splattered clothes and furniture painting for high heels and project management. The kids are in after school care and our household will probably be limping along for the next little while. But I think we'll manage just fine. Workwise, yesterday was a bit of a baptism of fire but it's all good.

As they say a change is as good as a holiday. I love an exciting life! LOL.

I'll still be blogging as much as I can so bear with me.

Fiona xx


  1. What a great view Fiona and how exciting for you! Of course we'll stick around. Love your blog!!
    All the best for it. Don't work too hard! They will be lucky to have you
    Cheers Kirrilly

  2. How are you feeling today Fiona? How are the kids?
    xx Karen

  3. Have fun Fiona although I think it is going to be hetic but exciting-love dee x

  4. how exciting! lots of caffeine to get you through?

  5. That's great news Fiona. Enjoy your time at work. It will be a challenge but you'll be fine. Not a bad view to enjoy?
    K xx

  6. what a view! all the best for your contract.
    I know you'll ace it. ML xx


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