Monday, October 15, 2012

White Painted Bedside Tables and a Rose

I hope you all had a good weekend. I had a hilarious night out with old university friends at a ball on Saturday night. The ball was at the beautiful MacLaurin Hall in the university's main quadrangle. It is all such beautiful old architecture. Gosh it's good to catch up with long time friends. I'm not sure we leave it so long in between seeing each other. I need to make some plans....

Today's painted furniture project is nothing that will rock your socks off but just a good practical solution to out-dated furniture. I gave these sweet bedside tables a new life with my trusty white paint. 

Lilyfield life white painted bedside tables furniture sydney

These bedside tables were a very reddish brown - in my haste to transform them I forgot to take before photos. They had a "cedar" coloured stain that was dated and a bit scratched. I was asked by the owner to update them and make them fresh. We decided against distressing them and seeing them all finished I'm quite glad. They really have a lovely classical shape and I think they look beautiful just how they are.

Lilyfield life white painted bedside tables furniture sydney

The beautiful single pink rose was a lovely gesture from an old Greek flower seller in the city the other day. It kind of made my day - he handed it to me and told me I was beautiful (not in a sleazy way but so friendly and kind, I loved that little boost!).   He was such a lovely old guy and I ended up having a long chat to him. He'd actually worked in my home town of Eden about 45 years ago (before we even lived there, just before I was born it turns out) and he thought that it was one of the nicest, most friendly places he'd ever been. 

So I'm treasuring my little rose, this sweet gesture of kindness, as it wilts and fades...and thinking of the friendly people in my home town and lovely old immigrants who now sell flowers on street corners.

Has someone made your day lately with a little surprise? Have you made someone else's day with a nice surprise. I think I'm inspired to go do a random act of kindness today for someone...

Fiona xx

Lilyfield life white painted bedside tables furniture sydney

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  1. hi Fiona, another great project,they look so fresh and I'm sure your client was happy with them. and the rose and kind gesture are just beautiful.
    have a winderful week.
    xx Kirrily

  2. All very beautiful Fiona! I like that you didn't distress them. They are just perfect!

  3. you so deserve the rose, you lovely lady. these look beautiful and the styling is perfect as always. love it all
    xx ML

  4. What a lovely thing to have happened. Love random acts of kindness! Mx

  5. as usual they look divine.have a great day-love dee x

  6. What a lovely post...beautiful table, gesture and sentiments.
    x KL


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