Thursday, October 18, 2012

Painting with Silver

I thought I'd try something a little different this week. My sister had given me a tin of Porters' Duchess Satin in a colour called French Silver. This paint is like molten metal. It is so beautiful! I thought I'd try it out on a side table for a a little sparkly glam!

Painting a side table with Porters Duchess Satin French Silver.

One of the features of Porters' Duchess Satin is obvious brush marks and they advise to paint in a "birds nest" fashion (so your brush marks cross over). This is very similar to how Annie Sloan paints with her Chalk Paint and it gives an old fashioned French look to furniture.  On this table the brush strokes bounce the reflected light around and makes the table very pretty and shiny.

Painting a side table with Porters Duchess Satin French Silver.

The tiny flowers are from the garden - they are so abundant this year and are all along the footpaths around here also. They are very sweet in my little dragonfly jug. I love this simple arrangement.  And a silver side table needs some bling so here is some of my jewellery. All sparkly and pretty. 

Painting a side table with Porters Duchess Satin French Silver.

Porter’s Duchess Satin is a pearlescent paint that can be used to decorate walls or furniture with the rich lustre of satin fabric.  I have seen it painted on walls in stripes with a matte paint as the other stripe and it looks fantastic.  For furniture it is much easier than using silver leaf but gives a similar effect - especially if you just used it for highlights (and not the whole table as I have done) 

Painting a side table with Porters Duchess Satin French Silver.
Painting a side table with Porters Duchess Satin French Silver.

So what do you think?

My husband came home and said he hates it - 
"It's not your usual style, Fi". 

Umm... yeah babe that's the point. I was trying something new. 
I do think next time I would just use the silver as edging.

Fiona xx


  1. I quite like it!

    I think it looks really cool, I think as a highlight paint it would look great with your whites too!

    I have seen it done with matte stripes and it looks spectacular, just like wallpaper. It is fun to try something new sometimes. x

  2. i love it! so glamorous! and i think this table was the perfect piece for it.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with what Cassie said, but have had my husband bag some of my projects before too, lol! (Bloody husbands!)

    I did some ceramic candlesticks for a lady a while ago, they were painted to look like gold/copper with green bits and she wanted them silver, I actually used three different paints on it, gosh it was fun..your cute wee table reminded me of them, I still have the silver paints I used, they were resene test pots. I just love the look of metallic paints, it does look like molten metal. I like the cross-hatch brush stroke thing, I actually did that on the console that you had the twin of. I even do it with the primer so you get lots of coats going in different directions. Looks great when you wax or glaze it, gives a real depth and character.

    Hope you had a happy day painting!
    xx Karen

  4. No it's not your style but it looks beautiful.I saw a chest of drawers done like this on pinterest but they put a mirror on the front of the drawers looked fantasic -love dee

  5. Where would we be if we never tried anything new? Still in a cave blowing mouthfuls of mud over our hands???? I love this paint and have used it to great effect on walls years ago as I posted here:
    I've not seen it on furniture before and I think it suits the sweet shape of your little table!
    x KL


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