Sunday, October 21, 2012

weekend roundup

We've had a busy but extremely lovely weekend. Phil was in Brisbane with a few mates for the Bledisloe so the kids and I have been out and about and enjoying Sydney.  We've been at little athletics in the heat, cooling down in our spa and having BBQ lunches,

collecting wild mulberries in the park

climbing trees

playing with my camera and lens  
I love that my 6 year old took this photo below.

walking the beaches in the late afternoon 

and dinner by the sea

and even some dancing

My daughter's flamenco concert was this afternoon. 
Such a sweet group of girls  and their lovely teacher who is expecting her first child soon. I hope she keeps teaching next year.

What have you been up to? 
I hope where ever you are and what ever you are doing that it's been a relaxing and enjoyable time

Fiona xx


  1. hi Fiona what a beautiful photo of you.our boy takes some really good shots sometimes and they really suprise us but then he goes and blows it by fiddling with all the dials and settings.He just cant help himself-love dee x

  2. beautiful photos Fiona. You are a good photographer (and so is J!) and you are a good mum. looks like you all had a great weekend. Looking forward to catching up soon.
    x Jodie

  3. It was a lovely weekend Fiona. In between packing, I am wondering what to do with a Nelson Ware tea set I have which belonged to a friend of my grandparents. A bit out of your field I guess but just wondering if these things are re-gaining popularity ?
    I do have several other treasured cups and saucer sets which were my Grandmother's, and would never part with them.


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