Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Boy's Bedroom Reveal

Our house can be a bit of a moving feast at times. Our kids regularly swap bedrooms, mainly because our third bedroom is pretty awful - it originally would have been overlooking the back garden but years ago the previous owners extended the house by tacking the lounge room on to the back of the house. When they did this, they never changed the third bedroom's windows and so it looks into the lounge room. There was also a handful of other dodgy things they did with the house but thankfully we've rectified most of them.

This room is also in the middle of the house, away from the other bedrooms and is surrounded by the kitchen, dining, open study and lounge room so my daughter found it too noisy to sleep in. About 2 years ago we turned it back into a toy room and the kids shared the lovely second bedroom. However recently my boy asked for his own room and as he's a great sleeper, he's taken over the room with no troubles.

We went shopping for a new doona cover for his bed as he had been using one that had been mine when I was a little kid. It's so threadbare but super soft. My boy was set on a Union Jack cover to match his lights and we were able to find one on sale.

When this room was a toy room I had the Ikea Expedit cabinet full of toys and a desk that the kids never drew at, preferring instead to spread their mess all over the coffee or dining table to be close to where ever I am.  So I'm selling the desk (just a cheap IKEA number that I was never fond of anyway) and I've tidied up their toys and books. All my daughters novels have been moved into her room.  We have a lot of books in this house. I look at some blogs with their beautifully styled bookcases with minimal books and loads of pretty stuff and think we'd never be able to achieve that look as most of our bookcases are double stacked already.

And of course the biggest piece of furniture in the room is the painted French armoire. It has 4 good sized drawers and a lot of hanging space in it but I think I'm going to have to add a few shelves into it as he has more folded clothes than hanging clothes.  At the moment it is piled high full of our linen (we don't have a linen press - on the list for our future renovation), I'll swap it over later in the week.

My boy is right into AFL at the moment and is delighted with the Swans win last weekend. He played Auskick after school this year and it was such a well run program. He's now collecting football cards and spends ages memorizing facts and players. Such a boy thing!

So while this is such a crappy room with it's lack of external windows and sloping floor and middle of the house location, I think we've managed to make it look half decent and hopefully there'll be no more room shuffling until we're ready to renovate!

Union Jack Doona Cover: Bed, Bath n Table
Union Jack Lights: Typo about a year ago
Armoire: auction, painted by me
Cubes Storage: IKEA
Curtains: Vivalino (gift from my aunt)
Bedside cabinet: made by my Grandfather
Sydney Harbour painting: painted by me years ago
Flower painting: inspired by Katie Daisy, painted by me and my daughter
Kites on top of the wardrobe: $5 from Bali (and yes I probably paid too much!)

Do your kids share rooms? Are you forever changing around rooms?

Fiona xx


  1. Fiona I love that so many things in the room have meaning to you and your family, that is what makes a house a home.

    My kids did share a room, from straight after the Sept 2010 earthquake until Feb this year when we moved into out current home. Sophie couldn't bear to sleep on her own. I liked them sharing rooms for company but also love to decorate a girl room and a boy room :) The bonus of having had the kids share a room for so long is that when we go away and they share a room again (as they did last week in Newcastle) means that they are over the novelty of it, and just go to sleep when they should!
    xx Karen

  2. wow! it looks awesome! i love the lights and bedding- how fun! what a great space for a boy!

  3. Great room Fiona. Love Union Jacks.
    Kylie x

  4. It all looks fantastic Fiona, it all sounds like a lot of work, so well done. I really love your blog, your beautiful photography and I love your home. Everything is so special and meaningful for you.
    Love that armoire, le sigh!
    xx Kirrily

  5. It looks awesome! It must be a favorite space now!

  6. looks great Fiona.We are in the process of changing the LM room from babyish to little boy and I know it takes forever .love dee

  7. Fiona, another great room, you are so creative. It looks awesome.
    You take beautiful photos also. I know a lot of that is skill but what camera do you use?
    take care

    1. Thanks Jennifer, you are very kind. My camera is an old canon else. I use the regular lens that came with it, a 60mm macro and 50mm prime.
      Cheers Fiona

  8. Yes I'm forever 'upgrading' my children's rooms to suit them better or when the amount of clutter is so bad that I feel the need to mass declutter... I've put pics on my blog too - for posterity's sake. It's nice to look back at what the room used to look like and how it's changed as they grow older.

    1. thanks Lilian (what a beautiful name, I love how it rolls on your tongue). the decluttering is always good!

  9. Love those union jacks too! And a great sleeper... I can only dream ;)

  10. I know what you mean about the bookshelves! I've tried to achieve "the look" with mine too but somehow those darn books keep getting in the way!! And we still have 4 huge boxes of them we haven't unpacked yet...oh well, reading is more fun than having a tidy bookshelf anyway. :^)

  11. Room reveals are so fun - especially for kiddos! Great job!!!

  12. What a fun room! I love that french armoire! Found your blog through MMS Furniture Feature Friday.

  13. The bedding really sets the stage for a fun room! And look at all that storage. I bet your son loves his room!

  14. Such a cute and fun looking room. That wardrobe is incredible and i love all the union jacks.

  15. Adorable! What a really cute room. I love the Union Jacks mixed with the traditional items.

  16. Hi Fiona, what a darling little boy you have! I love his room and that amoire is gorgeous! I would love to have you come by my link party and share. Totally Transformed Tuesday. I know my readers would love to see.


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