Saturday, October 6, 2012

Corners of my house this week

It's been a funny old week, with the long weekend and my husband also taking Tuesday off work and then the kids being sick for the rest of the week. I can't quite believe it's Saturday already and that the school holidays are almost over already. I'm not really ready for it. I had planned lots of fun things to do with the kids like the beach and walks and sailing on a tall ship and we haven't done any of them yet.  At least the kids are almost over their colds and slowly bouncing back (although still coughing all night which is driving me slightly insane).

Stock last weekend
Here are some photos I've taken around my house this week. A lot I've already shared on Instagram. I love the IG community - it's very friendly and creative. I actually sold some furniture via instagram yesterday. Merilyn, who's Instagram photo stream I love, came over to pick up the piece and we ended up having coffee and discovering we had so much in common (I even was in the Airforce with one of her old boyfriends - he was to die for good looking!! Lucky her. LOL)

Remnants of the stock by the end of this week
Looking at these photos of my kitchen makes me want to get out the cleaning cloth. It's definitely not as neat now after a few days stuck in the house with sick kids and friends over for a very late night of homemade pizza and red wine last night (and the muscat even made an appearance!) I think I'll do some baking first today and then clean it. The kids are slowly getting their appetites back and I'm sure by tomorrow they will be ravenous to make up for the days of barely consuming anything.

The beautiful jug (not the IKEA enamel one, the little one) below with the colours on it was my mother's and somehow ended up here but I think my sister will want it so I'm just enjoying it while it's here. It's so pretty especially with the yellow jonquils next to it. The little round container next to it was a collars and cufflinks holder that was my grandad's. it's got his initials painted on it and I love it.  The tassel is one my mum made - it's enormous and would have taken her a long time to make. Mum had incredible patience (when it came to sewing, perhaps not when it came to her daughters...) and things like this. that she has made. are just amazing to have around my home to remember her by - not that I really need external things for that as she has been constantly in my thoughts lately. I am missing her very much.

Have a great weekend, and good luck for the back-to-school onslaught of Monday. I'll have to make sure we have fresh bread - it's been lovely not worrying about packing lunch boxes for a few weeks.

Fiona xx


  1. That little jug and cufflink box is gorgeous. I know you don't need these things to remember your mum, however they are nice to have. As for the tassel, WOW it's amazing and beautiful. Glad to hear you kids are on the mend. xT

  2. Glad to hear everyone's getting better... but I'm distracted, that jug is completely gorgeous!!

  3. Gorgeous photos Fiona. I have a box very similar to your Grandfathers, didn't realise it would have held collars and cufflinks. Glad to hear the children are getting better, maybe next week when they are back at school, you'll find some time to treat yourself. I think you need it.
    love S x

    1. Oh Stacey – do you think I sounded too cranky and over it all? (i’m not really)
      I’m planning on getting back to some exercise this week. That can be my treat.
      Is your box made out of Bakelite? For some reason growing up I was told this was ivory but I’m pretty sure it isn’t.
      Cheers Fiona

  4. lovely photos, lovely blog. was very inspired by your portfolio on painted furniture as I've just completed my first project. I can see it will be addictive.
    Bec x


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