Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What I'm working on

Hi, I'm going to be a little light on blogging this week as have a lot of consulting work on at the moment and some exciting prospects for that coming up which I'll share if they eventuate. It's been a juggle this week as I am also painting some bedroom furniture on commission. Two lovely pairs of bedside tables both to be painted white. One set I have painted with chalk paint and waxed for a beautiful velvety smooth finish. I've only got in progress photos but will post finished photos later in the week.

These bedsides are a lovely shape and look so fresh and pretty white. White paint is such a great way to update your furniture.The transformation always pleases me!  In these photos I still have more coats to go as you can still see that the top of these are patchy.  I paint with the drawers pulled out fully but as I'm painting them in the middle of my lounge room floor I pack it all away at night (it makes my husband much happier!)

I am also painting a wicker set of bedside tables. I have given in and bought some spray paint as they are so fiddly to paint!  I have done 2 coats of primer by hand and tomorrow will spray the top coats. I also spent about an hour repairing the broken unravelling wicker.

I was going to go to the furniture auctions yesterday. I popped in on Monday on my walk and found some amazing pieces but decided I already have a bit too much on my plate so I definitely don't need to buy more furniture to paint.  I'm trying to make my life more manageable and I think the furniture makeovers and blogging everyday is going to have to give a little (for the time being anyway).  

I did take a couple of photos of things I liked as I would love to paint this French buffet. And if I needed a kitchen bench I would have been bidding like a pro on the one below. Divine. It doesn't really show up in my crappy iPhone photos but the legs are painted in a soft grey.

Something extra that I have added back into my day is regular exercise and eating well. I have been hopeless since Mum died (and subsequently gained weight, when I was trying to lose it) but have decided it's time to be good to me and take care of me so started running again this week and I'm reducing the amount of refined carbs I eat (bread mainly). I have been getting up at 6 am heading around the Bay - it's such a beautiful time of day and I'm appreciating seeing the sun so early. Now just to be consistent...  I'm very good at being full on and starting things - not so good at longevity. I'm off out the door for another run.  

see ya!
Fiona xx


  1. Hi Fiona - Good on you for taking some time to focus on you, have a great run!

    I love the wicker - look forward to seeing you work your magic on them, and the buffet is lovely, but understand why you didn't pick it up this time.

  2. Ooh those wicker bedsides are going to look gorgeous, and I love that buffet at the auction too. I'd replace the glass with chicken wire of course ;)

    Good on you for exercising, I am useless at it, well sticking to it anyway. Walking is usually my exercise of choice but the only exercise I get regularly is walking up and down my stairs and sanding stuff by hand, lol! Keeps my arms somewhat toned :)

    I am attempting to have the sideboard and mirror all finished for the market on Saturday. Lunch is finshed so I had better go get back to it!

    xx Karen

  3. hi Fiona, so lovely to meet you the other day and now find your blog. Those bedsides are going to come up a treat. I can't wait to see them once you have finished them. I love your blog. Your photography is just beautiful and I love all your furniture makeovers. You are very clever!
    all the best

  4. Tables look great so far.You should look after yourself and don't make yourself sick with all that you do.take care.-love dee


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