Friday, October 10, 2014

A black hall table, morning walks and spring flowers

Nicole asked me to find her a nice hall table that I could paint black for her. She wanted something a little fancy and formal. I hope she loves it.  

Below is the table when I found it on eBay.

and now after painting. (I used a matte exterior black paint and primer in one.) I really love paint for a quick transformation! But you already know that :)

How amazing is the detail on the back! Nicole said she wishes she had a glass wall to place it against.

I rescued these flowers from our rubble of  garden. Shame to be building through spring when normally our minute garden is so pretty.  It's such a building site. We stupidly thought that the grass area would remain untouched but it's now covered with a builders' toilet, scaffolding, timber, tools etc. I am managing to keep a lot of the flowers and plants alive on the borders but we'll definitely need to replant the grass.

Phil and I have been going on a morning walk every day lately and it's just lovely out early. I thought you might like to see some photos. We are so lucky living next to Callan park and the water.  It's about the only time we get to chat uninterrupted, living in such close quarters with the kids. I think it's a habit we'll definitely keep up. I may be even turning into a morning person! 

How could you not love it with scenery like this:

Wishing you a great day and happy weekend
Fiona xx


  1. those trees are just amazing! and i love love love the table in black- the hardware pops!

    1. thanks Cassie. we are so lucky to live where we do (a bit like you with your beautiful woods!)

  2. Always love to see what you do with paint. Awesome! I wouldn't mind the wall through the hall or the walk among the trees. Pure beauty!

  3. Bonnie, beautiful piece. Would you mind sharing what you used to finish the piece? I have a piece I was planning to use the same paint on. Thank you.

    1. Hi Melissa, it's an Australian brand paint so not much help sorry. (And I'm Fiona) thanks anyway sorry to not be able to help , cheers Fiona


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