Friday, October 3, 2014

The Furniture Gods are smiling on me

I thought you might like to see some pieces that are in the works here at Lilyfield Life. one of the important parts of setting up our house to live through the renovation was that I still have room th do my furniture painting. Luckily we were able to achieve that and while it's a bit of a juggle I'm making do. I also have accepted quite a few jobs to paint people's furniture onsite which is working out well and has saved my clients transport costs or hassle so that's a bonus.

I'm currently painting this little carved side table. It's was snapped up by Justine. She's asked for it in a deep red. I started painting it in MMS Milk Paint tricycle but even with the bonding agent and sanding the piece the chipping was way more than chipping, the paint just peeled off and so i bought some ASCP Emperor's Silk. I'll share it soon.

I also have this beautiful bedside table with a serpentine front.  I offered this for sale last night on facebook and Anne snapped it up as is to paint herself. I am always a bit sad when that happened but from a business and time point of view it's a good thing.

I also have a beautiful bow fronted chest of drawers. I love this piece. It has very nice dimensions. 92 cm wide , 87cm tall and 48cm. If any one is interested in a custom paint job on it let me know.

I was asked by Nicole to find a old fashioned dressing table to use as a desk for her daughter. Well the furniture gods smiled on me and I found one with three drawers on each side and beautiful curves. Nicole's daughter has asked for it to be painted in the teal of the Wagner Cupboard. Fabulous.

Nicole also asked for a pretty hall table that she wants me to paint French Provincial black and light distressing. I found this one on ebay and it's beautiful. I love when I can deliver on my clients' requests for beautiful furniture. This is the eBay sellers photo as I haven't had a chance to snap one yet. The table is much nicer in real life.

To top off all that furniture, our builder's labourer is sending me this morning to his mother's best friend's house as they are clearing out a five bedroom house on the beaches and have loads of furniture to get rid of. Murray showed his mum my blog and she loved it so they are offering me first dibs on everything. I can't wait to see what I come home with.

I need to get painting...once school holidays are over. I'll update you on the house renovation over the weekend. It's moving on at a great pace.

Fiona xx


  1. Wow, Fiona, you really scored some beautiful pieces. Glad you found a way to keep painting through your renos. Take care.

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  2. Oh my goodness! How lucky are you! Fabulous pieces! Will be absolutely beautiful painted to show the detail and carvings.


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