Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Emperor's Silk Side Tables

I've been a bit absent lately on my blog - work got busy, I had to make a lot of decisions for the house renovations but mainly a beautiful friend of mine unexpectedly died. The world is a little less fun and shiny without him in it. I'm okay but I worry about his wife and children and the great gaping hole he has left behind.

It seem trivial to share my furniture makeovers after writing that paragraph but I've got to start back somehow. So today I'm sharing some beautiful side tables that my neighbour, Marg, recently asked me to paint in ASCP Emperor's Silk. She had seen the little carved table I painted recently and just feel in love with the deep red. 

The side tables were actually a lovely gold colour before painting but they had a couple of huge cracks down them and Marg wanted a bold pop of colour in her new guest room. 

When painting with red you will often need several coats of paint and these tables were no different. After fixing the cracks, I painted in ASCP Graphite first ion the tops to give a real depth to the red but the rest of them I just painted three coats of ASCP Emperors Silk.  Marg didn't want them waxed but something more durable so I gave them three coats of a beautiful poly acrylic sealer and then to bring out the details I used some antiquing wax. It's subtle but made them much more authentic.

ASCP Emperor's Silk really changes colour with a sealer on it. It's so beautiful and deep. I think these tables look fabulous especially in Marg's beautiful room.

Our house renovations are rocketing along. I'm looking forward to sharing some more details soon.

Have a great day and remember to make a decision to have a positive outlook and be happy. Life is all too short sometimes.

Fiona xx


  1. I love the finish Fiona but which polyacrylic was used and did you spray or brush it. Ive tried several satin finishes but yours seem to be gloss. Its a pity I live the other side of the country or I could do one of your workshops :)

    1. No this is definitely a satin finish Patricia. If you want gloss then what about using a marine varnish? how many coats do you do. 3 or 4 make it much better. See my tutorial on tops coats for more details.

  2. Lovely as always, Fiona, and so well presented! I am so sorry for your loss, my dear. IMHO, if you want to support his widow and kids, then build a relationship with the children (esp. if they are young, but certainly if they are older and you can manage to find a common ground). He was a good friend, and they deserve to know people who knew it! As a single mom myself, I know that concern for ones own children can really eclipse all else, and it overshadows your own needs. And don't all youngsters benefit from knowing and learning from another genuine soul? I believe they most definitely do, in big, small and important ways. Best of healing, and looking forward to seeing you again...

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