Wednesday, October 8, 2014

ASCP Emperor's Silk Table

My fabulous furniture pickers, Sarah and Jessie, from Inner West Sydney Salvage know me well.  The other day Sarah sent me an SMS asking me if I wanted the hall table below. Well hello!  Of course I said a resounding YES.

It sold very quickly on my facebook page to Justine who asked for it to be painted red. I had some MMS Milk Paint Tricycle on hand and absolutely love the colour so thought it would be good to use on this piece. I sanded the top of the table completely back to bare timber and gave the rest of the timber a light sand. I didn't want this piece to be chippy so I mixed some bonding agent with the MMS Milk Paint

But unfortunately it didn't work well for me. the paint just fell off too much. I think there are area on this piece that look okay - not what I was wanting but perhaps viable for another piece.

Although this below is not good at all

I don't really have time to muck around with paint and need to have control over my paint. I'm not keen on random chippiness (although what happened with this table is certainly beyond chippiness. Anyway so I went and bought a tin of ASCP Emperors Silk which is pretty similar in colour. The worst part was I had to completely sand off the MMS Milk Paint as it wasn't a stable base to paint on. What a waste of time. Arghh..

All's well that ends well as the table turned out beautifully.

Have you had a paint mishap? Want to share? It'll make me feel happier?

At least Justine absolutely loved her table!
So it was worth it in the end.

Fiona xx


  1. Fiona, it looks divine! I am still a little afraid of painting with colour but you have inspired me. Gorgeous transformation (again).

  2. oh wow- thank goodness you were able to save it! looks gorgeous now!


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