Monday, October 13, 2014

White bow front drawers and a concrete slab

On Friday I finished painting this lovely sweet chest of drawers. I've painted it in a custom white mix of homemade chalk paint. I wanted a lovely soft white for this piece and I love the colour I created. I will definitely be using this mix again.

This chest of drawers is solid timber and very beautiful. It has a couple of dings and scratches (a lot I was able to sand out) but I don't mind them as they show it's age. The handles are my favourite part.

The waxed finish is very smooth from lots and lots of sanding. I know sanding is unpopular with a lot of people but trust me  - it makes a huge difference to your finished work.

This lovely mirror is for sale. I had it on hold for someone but now can't get in touch with her so I'm offering it for sale again. Email me for dimensions and pricing. It's solid timber and a beveled edge. 

In less pretty but equally exciting news we had our concrete slab for the living room poured on Saturday. It's very exciting to see it all take shape. 

Phil's been laughing at me because I've already mapped out where the furniture is going. 

What else would I be doing!

Fiona xx


  1. those dressers are so pretty! and nice slab ya got there. ;)

  2. I totally agree with all the sanding for do not like paint strokes at all and use your technic to lessen the brush strokes love the dressers

    1. thanks Joan, yes I love the difference that sanding makes.

  3. Hi Fiona, Would you consider sharing the diy mix you used as Im still trying to get a smooth mix chalk paint which doesnt rub back to timber with fine sanding. Good luck with the new extension, I used a lovely bamboo floating floor in my sewing room, from my local hardware store in Armidale not the BIG one! and it is beautiful to walk on all year round even in this chilly town.

    1. hi Patricia, I haven't shared my chalk paint recipe yet but if you try waxing before sanding that would alleviate your problem. let me know how you get on and give me a call or email me if you need further help
      cheers Fiona

    2. Thanks Fiona, I've used several recipes but still get it too grainy. Used ,mixtures of CC, POP, combinations and ratios of both but so far the CC one seems to give me the smoothest for finer finishes. Will keep sanding and try the wax before hand though on the big pieces i dont know how you do it. Im doing my old dresser but took heart when you said you needed a neck massage :) its my aging hands that get to me Cheers

    3. Patricia, give me a call to discuss the paint 0405766445
      Cheers Fiona


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