Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ornately Carved White Nightstands

It's been a busy week and I've been sleeping so badly - several nights I've ended up on the couch so as not to keep my husband awake with my tossing and turning. Too much on my brain and I'm exhausted. Tonight I'm going to try Sarah from A Beach Cottage's trick of a 10pm soak in the bath.  I can't wait for a relaxing weekend. We are off to a friend's for a BBQ today, Phil's off to the rugby tonight with mates and I'm going to get the kiddos early to bed and relax. There's not much planned for tomorrow. Phew!

So my final furniture reveal this week are these sweet things - I've finished these lovely little bedside tables/night stands. I love their ornately carved and slender legs.

They are just so sweet and would look perfect in a shabby chic or a French Provincial bedroom.

The before photo doesn't really do it justice, That's not wood stain it's Mission Brown paint!

Have a lovely weekend everyone
be safe!

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