Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shabby White Drawers

I'm slowly getting through my pile of furniture. It's been a working bee at our house with both painting furniture and fixing our pergola to mount Phil's new basketball hoop. Our pergola is extremely old and quite rotten so what should be a fairly simple job has meant replacing beams, repainting it and then we've realised the shade sails are almost completely perished. When we washed them they just disintegrated so we'll have to replace them also.  But Phil is determined that he will get the hoop up today (even though a cold/flu has hit him full force this afternoon and he's gone for a rest). Hopefully we'll finish it when the afternoon cools down.

I finished this sweet chest of drawers. It's a really well made Australian classic - the with manufacturer's markings to prove it.

The handles are bakelite but really didn't look good in their original orangey-brown colour once the chest was white, so I sanded them back, primed with Zinsser then painted and waxed.  

I really love the shape of them and the light distressing. 

beautiful curvy top

The chest of drawers is for sale. Please contact me if you are interested.
Below is a before photo. Lovely shape but pretty beaten up.

A close up of my lovely vintage trunk that we use as a coffee table and to store our lounge blankets.

and I had to share this photo I took yesterday.  I found these divine iron bell light pendants at Fleur Furniture in Gladesville yesterday afternoon. They are $375 each which is very reasonable as they are massive. 


  1. what a fabulous little white dresser. love the curvy top, so much character! flu has hit us pretty hard here too - all the way across the world!!

  2. that is so cute! i love the handles- so unique!

  3. Lovely work Fiona, I have some drawers to attend to as well - just need the time to do it! Love the beautiful handles and the finish you've given the drawers x

  4. Loving the drawers Fiona, lovely to see all that distressing. I was going to have a paint free day but that soon changed when I found this awesome cabinet today. Pulling it apart to paint as we speak, well Tim is anyway.
    Having a lovely Sunday, hope you and Sasha had a nice afternoon yesterday. Sandy xx


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