Monday, May 14, 2012

Chrysanthemums and Cards - Mothers Day

Yesterday for Mothers Day my husband and kids treated me to poached eggs on toast, a massive bottle my favourite shower gel, a gorgeous bunch of chrysanthemums, an afternoon nap and the sweetest hand-made cards (and a win at my daughter's soccer).  
Unfortunately I still managed to get fed up with my kids fighting - over-tired kids and an over-tired mother is never a good mix. Then we took the kids to the park and my daughter trod in a massive dog poo that I had to clean up and the evening was even worse when we went to a local restaurant for dinner and I managed to order the worst bowl of gnocchi I've ever had. Disappointing, it was like mashed potato with tomato sauce... we won't be going back there. None of these things were major in themselves but with the expectation of a lovely mother's day enough to put a pall on my mood...I just have the incorrect assumption that my kids are going to be perfectly behaved for me all Mothers Day!

Anyway after a good night's sleep we are all back on an even keel and today I'm feeling grateful and appreciative of my sweet kids and amazing husband.

My sister and I have been giggling about this card my 6 year old son wrote.  I love his description of me but am wondering about the "calm". 
Perhaps this is his wish list! 
My favourite shower gel that you can't normally buy in Australia - this 1180ml bottle should last ages!
 The late afternoon in the park was beautiful (except for inconsiderate dog owners). That's our dog Charlie in the photo.
I hope you all had a lovely mothers day, either as a mother yourself or with your own mum.



  1. Hi Fiona, Oh dear sorry to hear about the park n poo incident! Love the card!! I lost count of how many times during the day I reminded mine it was "Mother's Day!" Keep Calm and Mother On... something we all need to do. Jo x

    1. Thanks Jo!! I think I just have too big an expectation for adoration and appreciation...ha ha..back to reality today! although I had a lovely day painting a dressing table on commission for a client. So very relaxing!
      hope you had a good day also.
      cheers Fiona


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