Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Quick Furniture Painting Tip

I'm painting a chest of drawers today so I thought I'd share a quick furniture painting tip - one that makes it all much easier.

Once you've sanded and ready to prime/paint, turn your furniture upside down and paint the hard to reach places first.  Then turn your furniture the right way up and paint the body.
There's nothing more annoying than thinking you have finished painting a piece and then realising you've missed the inside of a leg or the underneath of a chair rail.  By turning your piece upside down to start painting, you ensure that you won't miss any parts.  It also saves your back and reaching into awkward spots.

And yes I'm painting it inside in our lounge room on our rug - I've already painted the top of it and didn't want it scratched. Luckily I was very careful not to spill any paint....



  1. Absolutely agree. And it becomes habit after a while. Can't wait to see the dresser! :)

  2. Yep I always do the bottom first too...you naughty girl painting the top first...AND in your lounge! ;P I do the same when I distress stuff too...depending on the piece, I like to work on a horizontal surface, rather than vertical, where I can help it.

  3. I really enjoyed you blog - I was looking for inspiration having bought two vintage mirrors today, with the intention of painting them.
    One has 'squiggly' wooden overlays on the mirror - any idea how to paint them without getting paint on the mirror? Unfortunately the usual paper tape won't help in this case and I don't think I can remove the mirror from the frame.

  4. Love your painting ideas...I totally get the idea of painting furniture...when I got my very first flat (apartment) I couldn't afford to buy lots of nice furniture so I would to go skipping...which is basically where people have thrown items of old furniture into a skip to be taken to the dump...its amazing what people will throw out! I have been painting furniture for over 30 years, its such a great way to recycle and I applaud you for doing it...and to be honest with you a good piece of wood furniture will last years and years!


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