Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vintage Linens

Sometimes when I buy furniture at auction I find the drawers still stuffed with odds and ends. I once bought a sideboard that still had a tv remote  - I'm hoping the people who sold it aren't still looking in depths of the couch for it...

When I bought this dressing table...
 that I turned into this ladies writing desk....
...the drawers were filled to the brim, stuffed so tight I could barely get the drawers open, with vintage handkerchiefs. A lot of them were still in their boxes, brand new. I thought for a while about what I could do with them as it seemed too sad to throw away. Some old lady had obviously treasured them!

Then I remembered Ness from Marley & Lockyer.  Actually her blog was one of the first I followed and I was able to meet Ness at the Boutique Markets a few months ago. 
Among other gorgeous stuff, Ness uses vintage linens to make lovely cushion covers. 
I thought that for sure she could turn this pile of hankies into something special.  They have been soaked in Napisan and boiling water, then through a hot wash, line dried and then ironed and are now ready to be posted to Ness in Tasmania.

There are some unique pieces - such as this hand sewn lace from Brugge, Belgium. My mum went gaga over this beautiful Belgian lace one. 
  I think this one below is my favourite. 
Anyway Ness, I can't wait to see what you do with them!

What's the weirdest thing you've ever found in something you've bought second-hand?



  1. Those are beautiful Fiona! I agree, that last one is gorgeous.

    1. thanks Amy - some lovely ones arent there. I can't wait to see what ness does with them (although I gave the Bruges one to my mum)

  2. That's the sweetest idea, Fiona and a lovely introduction to your blog for me. Ness will be delighted!

    The strangest thing I found was a ring in the pocket of a coat I bought at a market. I have no idea if it was 'real' or not, I gave it to the stall owner. x

    1. thanks so much for stopping by, Bronwyn - so glad you did as I love your blog (hadn't seen it before). and am going to spend this evening checking it out.
      I one bought a little child's chair and when I pulled it apart to re-uphoslter there was about 5 rings and necklaces and other kiddos toys stuffed down it. I had bought it on ebay so was able to send everything back. I was sure they'd been looking everywhere for some of the stuff. Going to enter your giveaway -that project book looks fab!
      cheers Fiona


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