Monday, May 7, 2012

French Chair Love Affair

I love pretty French chairs. 
Thank goodness for the Renaissance and the manufacturing boom in France at the same time that gave rise to furniture becoming aesthetically pleasing not only for the rich but also for the masses.

French Louis XV and Louis XVI chairs, armchairs and lounges always catch my eye. They are so versatile. They look good at the dining table, in the lounge, hallway or bedroom. Anywhere actually!

I also love the look of a French Lounge or settee but I don't think I'd ever own one as I don't really have the room currently and prefer living with something more robust.

You can now buy lots of reproduction French Chairs but they are never as solid as the real deal. Although always great eye candy.

I love finding genuine antique chairs ready for a makeover. The have a very different feel and weight than the modern reproductions.
Here are some antique chairs I've restored previously.  
Most of them I've kept for us at home.
This  Bergère  chair was the first I upholstered. 
It's now in my kids' bedroom:
 Our dining room chairs
 This one sold yesterday:
 and this one is at the entrance to our bedroom.
I still have 5 French chairs in my shed to make over, so always looking for inspiration.

My mum is up from the Far South Coast staying with us which is lovely.
Hope you all have a good week also.


  1. Fiona, these pictures are adorable! I LOVE the French chairs too!

  2. hey how are you
    do you live in France?
    i want to ask from where can i buy Abison


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