Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Painted Floors

Someone was asking me how I'm liking my painted floor in our lounge room. If you're new to my blog you may not know that we were having a problem with water leaking into the lounge room when it rained and the carpet got all moldy. As we will be knocking down this room when we renovate (sometime next year) we didn't want to spend any money fixing the problem and replacing the carpet so I ripped put the old carpet and painted the concrete floor white.  

We've got a long lounge room with the back garden door in the middle so the photo above is looking left to a reading area and the one below looks right to the tv area.

Now to be honest, I didn't do a fabulous job - you are meant to clean the floors properly with an acid wash or something but my floors were in such terrible shape with cracks in the concrete and pitting and old carpet glue etc and as it's such a short term option I just whacked on the paint and didn't worry about it. They have held up pretty well.  I do have a couple of patched where yellowing is showing through - one of which is right where I photograph my painted furniture - so I probably should have fixed this up but I can't really be bothered.

When we renovated the front of the house (we're doing the renovations in 2 parts) I was initially very keen on replacing the old rotted floor boards with cypress pine (el cheapo) and painting the floors white.


...but I'm pretty messy (2 kids, a dog, chickens, and lots of hobbies) and so was talked out of it by everyone! We ended up putting down NSW Spotted Gum which I absolutely love, but every now and then I covet white painted floor boards.

I have a friend at the moment who has cypress pine floors upstairs in her house on the landing and in the bedrooms. She's got a lot of French style in her sweet little house and I'm trying to convince her to paint her floor boards rather than replace them - great money saving and it would actually suit her style.


What do you think about painted floors? Have you painted your floors? If so, how are they holding up?



  1. We have spotted gum, I love it! I couldn't cope with white floors either, it would constantly look grubby! We have polished concrete in our living area, it's awesome.

    1. Hi Nat - how's it going? Lovely to hear from you. I know how beautiful is spotted gum! I am so happy with it. Polished concrete is a great option also. So easy to live with. Congratulations on your wedding and fab honeymoon, and your renovations! all so exciting for you!
      all the best
      cheers Fiona

  2. I love painted floors! Every day I look at the tiles in our living areas and wish they were something different... maybe one day!

  3. I actually like it. It looks so clean and fresh and it creates a well illuminated space. I suppose it would be a little difficult to maintain it, though. Nonetheless, you did a fantastic job.


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