Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Where's the Vodka?

So I promise I won't turn into an angry mummy blogger but OMG by 3pm yesterday afternoon I was like ...WHERE IS THE VODKA???

I accompanied a school excursion to The National Maritime Museum. How do teachers do it? They honestly deserve a medal.  The constant repeating of yourself did my head in - stand in line, stop jumping around, wait your turn, don't touch that. And I had one little boy who kept running off and disappearing...just to make things even more fun. Seriously though I loved seeing how excited the kids were but gosh us parent helpers were TRASHED by the end of the outing!

Living in Lilyfield is really wonderful.  We are so central and close to the city.  A short tram ride and we arrived at the National Maritime Museum. My son's class (grade 1) is studying museums and how people portray and display history.  

Days like these make Sydney shine. What a spectacular day by the harbour.

On the plaque above you can see a town Eden down on the bottom of the coastline. That's the town I grew up in and where my Mum still lives. See this post for some beautiful photos of the town and surrounding areas. Eden has a rich maritime history with whaling and shipping strongly featured. I loved the whaling exhibition at the museum - what a tough life it was to be a whaler (and tough also the be a whale at that time...). I have a wonderful photo of all the kids looking up at the whaling boat but I don't have any parents' permission to share the photo so I'd better not. 

 I loved this vintage poster of Sydney Harbour Regattas.

 This bow figure of Captain Cook is actually a little freaky. It's enormous.

The day included a tour of HMAS Vampire. The kids had a ball exploring and climbing over everything. I very nearly joined the Royal Australian Navy as an engineering student but decided that I'd prefer the Air Force.  I had 6 and half years an an engineering officer in the RAAF and loved my time. I know I made the right decision when you see the conditions that sailors live on when they are at sea. I don't know that I could have managed it. 
So no projects got done yesterday... but what a lovely way to spend the day. The kids grow up so fast and I'm sure it won't be long till it's not cool to have your mum around. But my little boy is still very much into his mummy and held my hand all day and at the end he said he'd had the best day ever because I came on the excursion....make it all worthwhile!

I've got my paint brushes at the ready so stay tuned for some project reveals.



  1. I was a parent helper on my daughters excursion last year, I had a couple of 'wanderer's' in my group and by the end of the day I needed a bottle of wine and a straw! But she loved it and to be honest so did I! Marita x

    1. Laughing at the wine with a straw! Have a lovely weekend Marita!

  2. I find that as they get older they don't run off as much. A friend of mine was telling me (last week) that she was pleased to get a bus seat ride into town with her son's school excursion. (She has five kids) These bus seats for parents are like gold and if you don't get one you have to make your own way there. She was as proud as punch, sitting next to the other parent helper. (She hadn't been on an excursion for a while) This is going to a good day she told herself. (All other kids at school) About half a an hour into the trip another student came up and tapped her on the shoulder and said "Excuse Me" your son has been sick. Off she went to help her son. (Meanwhile you can imagine all the other students. "That stink's etc... ) On their way again and bit further down the track she found that she needed a sick bag herself. (So she said she was sitting next to this parent helper who she had not met before , being patted on the back and consoled.) To top it all off, the excursion was to the Imax Theatre and the movie was to do with waves etc.... and the whole way through it was feeling very ordinary. She is not in a hurry to do the bus trip again. She was laughing all the way through this story. Sorry to have left a long comment... but it was so funny. I hope it comes across as funny

    1. Oh Kelly, that is a shocker. Your poor friend. I bet she's not volunteering anytime again soon! Hilarious story but probably not while she was living it. Makes me feel a whole lot better about my day! Thanks so much for taking time to write this. Sorry for my delayed response.
      Have a lovely weekend
      Cheers Fiona


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