Friday, May 18, 2012

The Cobbler's Children

... have no shoes.

So it stands to reasons that someone who paints furniture has a lot of furniture in their house that needs painting!  I think next week will be my week to cross some of the jobs off my to-do list.  Our bedsides are crying out to be white!  They are very scratched and watermarked. I bought them from a guy who had bought them in New York and they are lovely quality and shape but really are looking a bit "tired".

Our French dresser in the bedroom is also going to be white eventually. See how yellow it is...  fellow paint lovers, this is why you should NEVER use a white oil-based paint. It goes yellow over time, sometimes within a year. This probably would have been cream not white originally but it has definitely yellowed over time.  With modern paint technology you really don't need the hassle of oil based paints anymore.  If you really want the oil based paint look, then my recommendation is to use a waterbased enamel. I personally use Taubmans Water Based Enamel Trim.

I also need to strip off the chipped oil paint on our bedroom door and re-paint it. I've just finished the one on the children's bedroom, nearly gassing myself with the old lead-paint in the process, even wearing a mask I felt heady. So I'm not looking forward to tackling this door.

The inside of our new front door still needs finishing. I'm half way there -just one more coat.  The antique glazed dresser I painted for a client is sitting in the hallway waiting to be picked up tomorrow. (It will be much less crowded in the hall when it's gone)... and I need to paint the architrave around the door, obvious in this photo.

My old orange pine desk is in dire need of a make over.  I bought this desk 20 years ago and it's turned very orange over time. it's got heaps of marks on it and needs a good sanding back and a paint job.  I also want to change over the ugly brass handles. I think this will come up a treat...and perhaps I can try and keep it all a bit neater....It is never this neat - usually covered in a tonne of papers, paint tins, screws, tools, receipts, kids art work and other assorted crap...but I'm on a tidying roll today...

The dining room table is still as I bought it.  (actually it's a little worse for wear...) One of the reasons I haven't tackled this table is the intricate wood work around the table edge will be hard to strip. I want to strip and re-stain the top in a dark walnut and then paint the legs probably a white or a soft taupe-grey. It's going to be a big job to properly strip all the edge. I'd send the table off to a professional strip place but the table is so big and a huge effort to get out of our house that it all seems too hard....

 and we just aren't going to talk about the 6 French chairs in my shed, the sideboard in my carport waiting patiently to be painted in my carport, or the lamps and chandelier sitting on the chair in the corner of the lounge room that need re-wiring.  I restrained myself today and didn't go to the furniture auctions to buy more projects... perhaps next week.

So that's me sorted for the weekend and next week. 

What are you kiddos up to?



  1. Isn't that always the way, Fiona? Too funny how we are all the same. For me it's that I help friends pick paint colors and pull together their decor and then at home it takes me forever to make a decision! (or find the time to implement it!) What a beautiful piece your table is - that does look like a big job - but it's going to be beautiful the way you described it with the taupe bottom and dark top!
    Hope you have a happy weekend.

    1. thanks Lisa - can you believe i bought the table for $100. I was jumping for joy! it's antique french oak and seats 8 people easily. What a score! just cooking up a storm here now as have some lovely friends coming to dinner - eggplant parmigiana and home made pasta with mushrooms and bacon. yum yum.
      hope you're having a lovely weekend also.
      cheers Fiona

  2. Funny how we blog about our homes and yet keep finding reason to avoid doing all those projects that need to be done! I have a few pieces of furniture that have been waiting for ages for me to muster the courage and paint ... it's not my diy strong suit.

    And thanks for leaving a nice comment on my guest post at Cassie's yesterday!




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