Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lilyfield Life In The Press

Lilyfield Life was featured in the paper today!
Eco mum ... Fiona Gaven and her two kids Sasha, 8, and Jonty, 6, live a sustainable life
 Pic: Adam Ward 
Source: The Daily Telegraph

Living life simply and taking joy in the small things is a fairly central tenant of our family life.  Today we were honoured to be featured in a story in The Daily Telegraph all about the quest for sustainability and how a lot of mums wish for "an old fashioned simple life". The journalist, Lisa Power, From The Daily Telegraph, said that I should be held up as someone who has achieved that. It was very flattering.  

She emailed me after the interview and said "You have a great life!"  ...I know I do and I am very grateful for it.  If you want to read the full article it was on page 4 (!!) of today's Daily Telegraph or you can find it here online.

We are big believers in DIY and take pleasure and joy in doing as much for ourselves as we can. I love the quotes Lisa included from our conversation about finding joy from putting in a good effort and doing things yourself rather than just taking the sometimes easier option of buying something new or ordering take away or outsourcing tasks.

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Many thanks to everyone's support over this last year and a half of blogging and selling my furniture. It's such a buzz. I love it!

Also the winner of the Birthday Party Cookbook is Belle Inspirations. Thanks to everyone who entered.



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